WEL COME TO JAY BHARAT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL ......! जय भारत अंग्रेजी माध्यमिक विद्यालय में आपका स्वागत है

Guidelines for Parents




Parents/Guardians shall adhere strictly to the following guidelines/rules and regulations that may be modified from time to time. Any breach of these rules shall lead to indiscipline environment in the school campus.

  1. Strictly prohibited to enter into the school campus during learning hours.
  2. Intoxicated parents/guardians are not allowed.
  3. Visiting Hour: After learning hours of the students.
  4. Park your vehicles outside the Gate.
  5. Don’t intrude the class room without prior permission.
  6. Encourage your wards to attend school on all working days.
  7. Insist your kids to wear neat and clean school uniform.
  8. Advise your wards to be polite and courteous.
  9. Direct your children to be careful for their belongings, such as books, money, umbrella, lunch box etc.
  10. Tell your children to treat all school property with care.
  11. Check the school diary every day; take note of the communication from the school.
  12. Provide vegetarian lunch box to your kid; avoid oily/junk foods.
  13. Inform your wards to reach the school at least 5 minutes before the first bell and not earlier than 15 minutes. The school shall not be responsible for their well-being beyond the time specified above.
  14. Counsel the child/ward at home not to repeat the mistake/breach of any rules.
  15. Your wards should not carry anything other than study materials to the school.
  16. Avoid your children to be on long leave of absence.
  17. Escort your child/ward up to the school gate in the morning and receive them at the gate in the afternoon.
  18. Any such request of extra learning of the students, beyond the school hour, shall be made to the Principal, who in turn may arrange for the same.
  19. All requests, complaints etc. should be given in writing to the school office.
  20. Deposit the requisite fees before the 10th day of each month. Parents/Guardians must be alert not to act as defaulter that may affect in running of the school.
  21. If parents fail to behave in a good manner with the school authorities, employees or teaching staff, the school authorities shall be well within their rights to compulsorily issue Transfer Certificate to the ward of such parent without any notice.